{"ok":false,"error_code":400,"description":"Please stop using PWRTelegram.\n\nYou may have noticed that PWRTelegram is having frequent and long periods of downtime lately. \nThat is due to the extremely heavy load it is under currently, so please stop using it.\n\nPWRTelegram is just an HTTP wrapper for a free and open source telegram client library called MadelineProto (https:\/\/madelineproto.xyz).\nYou should all use directly MadelineProto, because it is SO much faster than PWRTelegram.\n\nIt can be used from PHP and Lua (a tg-cli wrapper is also available @ https:\/\/github.com\/giuseppeM99\/madeline_lua_shim), and you can easily write your own HTTP wrapper using PWRTelegram (github.com\/pwrtelegram\/pwrtelegram) as base.\n\nIt will be available in python in December, but PLEASE use the PHP version in the meantime, it is much faster than the python version, and much easier to use.\n\nSee docs.madelineproto.xyz for the method list and full instructions (you can also make telegram voice calls with MadelineProto!).\n\nThanks for having used this service."}